Plant of the month – Aug 2017


(Pimelea glauca)

(Photos: E. Cousins; growth habit, flower cluster; Cape Jervis)

Come spring, you will see this little shrub flowering freely around Cape Jervis. It has 1 cm long blue green leaves, which are arranged very symmetrically around the many stems. The tiny, creamy-white flowers are arranged in balls about 3cm wide, at the end of those stems … you can see how many little flowers there can be in a flower cluster in the second photo above. Each little flower has 4 petals and yellow-tipped stamens. Under each cluster you will find four leaves (called floral leaves) which are slightly larger than the stem leaves; the inner two should have hairy edges. So look for tidy little shrubs covered in white this spring as you walk around Cape Jervis, and see if you can identify this riceflower.

Weed of the month – Aug 2017


(Asparagus asparagoides)

This creeper smothers native plants. Dormant over our dry summers, it sends out long, vigorous, twining stems after autumn rains. These form a thick, dense mat spreading over shrubs and up trees. The root system consists of a central stem, with many tubers attached. Like the leaves and stems above ground, these underground tubers also form a thick mat. In fact, the root system can be up to 90% of the plant’s total mass.1 So while the creeper is preventing sunlight reaching its hosts above ground, the root system is preventing root growth of plants and seedlings below ground. The green leaves appear in groups on short side branches on the long stems. White flowers in spring are followed by berries which ripen to red. These contain black seeds… one plant can produce thousands. Birds feed on the berries, and excrete the seeds elsewhere, helping the plant spread. Biological controls (rust fungus and beetles) are often used to limit the spread of this pest; digging doesn’t guarantee removal of all the tubers. For more information see the PIRSA fact sheet

1 Bridal creeper (Asparagus asparagoides) weed management guide, at



Plant of the month – July 2017


(Bulbine semibarbata)

(Photos: from,

Now doesn’t that yellow brighten up a gloomy winter’s day? You might have to wait another few months to see it around though.  The flower of the bulbine lily appears in summer, with 6 bright yellow petals and some inner stamens. Three of these stamens are hairy, which you might be  able to see in the second photo above.  And since the flowers are only about 1 cm across, you might need a lens to see them in real life too! The entire plant is only ankle high, with cylindrical, fleshy leaves (like those of an onion only smaller and brighter). Above the open flower you would normally see more unopened flowers… a bit like a hyacinth: some dying, some open, some unopened flowers along a stem. So come summer, look out for these bright, rare plants along the coast in rocky places, or in the mallee, and enjoy!

Weed of the Month – July 2017


(Gazania rigens, Gazania linearis)

(photo of Gazania linearis from

We thought it would be beneficial to revisit some of the weeds we have looked at before, such as gazanias. These familiar natives of southern Africa can spread easily in coastal communities, because they withstand salt-laden winds and grow well in sandy soils. They also harbor white snails! Gazanias flower in bronze, yellow and orange shades, often with black markings.  Gazania linearis has short, mostly underground stems and dark green leaves, while the stems of Gazania rigens form a mat above ground, and leaves are paler, more silvery. Either can form a monoculture, outcompeting native species for nutrients and moisture.

Gazania is now a declared plant under the Natural Resources Management Act 2004; it can’t be sold at nurseries etc., and it can’t be transported around the state. The Southern Fleurieu Coastal Action Plan gave gazanias a “priority threat rating” of 8, making them the second highest rated weed in the area, behind bridal creeper. If you want to grow something with similar colours, try a native such as the pretty, yellow Common Everlasting Daisy (Chrysacephalum apiculatum).

(For control measures, see the gazania fact sheet from Natural Resources Adelaide & Mt Lofty Ranges, which can be downloaded  from; search for gazania, 2017)

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3 Best Apps Like ShowBox To Watch Free Movies Online

ShowBox is a remarkable application for web based spilling of motion pictures. It enables you to observe free films on your shrewd TV on the off chance that you have one or any sort of gadget. In addition, it is allowed to utilize.

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Best Alternative Apps Like Showbox To Watch Movie Online

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Netflix is a paid gushing administration. Much the same as ShowBox, it has astonishing elements and gives a boundless accumulation of new and old blockbusters in light of the rating, type, bolster subtitles, and its shows occasionally.

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How to Watch Cricket Online All Year Long

Year 2016 is anticipated to be a standout amongst the most exciting and history-production years for the game of Cricket. There are many Cricket competitions arranged during the current year that will convey every last cricket fan to the edge of their seats.

Competitions to Enjoy

There are such a large number of competitions and matches that will be held in 2016 and it is difficult to name them good here. The most mentionable competitions incorporate T20, ODI and Test Tournaments, Australia Tri Series 2015, Cricket World Cup 2015, IPL 2015, The Ashes 2015, BPL 2015 and PSL T20 2016. You can look at the total calendar of up and coming competitions on this connection.

Where to Watch the Exciting Cricket Tournaments

watch live cricket online Here is the rundown of main 10 channels that communicate live cricket matches: – Watch cricket online live alongside different subtle elements, for example, live score cards, news and updates and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. – Watched by a huge number of individuals from around the globe, CricTime is one of the top cricket gushing site. – This Indian spilling site is likewise positioned high as a result of its wide scope, simple get to and clear gathering. – This one is a genuinely new cricket gushing site that is quickly picking up notoriety.

Bcci.TV – This one is the authority BCCI site, which likewise happens to be one of the best destinations for cricket gushing. – This site gives various channels to look over for watching the coveted cricket coordinate. – This site gives free gushing of cricket coordinates through 5 servers. Notwithstanding, the site right now communicates the matches of Pakistan as it were. – Watch cricket online live alongside live updates, news, score cards and the sky is the limit from there.

GeoSuper.TV – GeoSuper is a piece of GeoNetwork Pakistan that has a few stations that communicate diverse projects including shows, news and films.

WebCric.TV – Having an alexa rank of around 15000, CricTime is one of the top cricket gushing sites of the present circumstances.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Cricket Online

In the event that you are wanting to watch cricket online appropriate from your home, office or school, you will require a VPN administration to get to every one of the games channels that are communicating cricket competitions. You should know that diverse spilling diverts are not open in various areas because of different components. So in the event that you are living outside Australia and need to watch a cricket arrangement online on an Australian channel, you can’t do as such without the assistance of a VPN.

A VPN administration will change your IP to one from Australia, or whatever other nation of your decision. This will unblock the geo-confined channels in a hurry. The best thing about the VPN administrations is that they let you change IPs starting with one nation then onto the next, forward and backward, so you can watch cricket online on sites of various nations. So in the event that you haven’t got a VPN benefit yet, get one at this point!

The most effective method to Watch your Favorite Cricket Tournaments

Here’s the manner by which to watch cricket on the web:

Step 1. Subscribe to a Package

Select a bundle that suits you the most and buy it.

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From the download page, pick your coveted application/programming.

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So there you have it. The competition points of interest, telecasters’ rundown and connections, where to, and how to control. So take after the means now and set up your VPN so you are prepared to watch your most loved cricket matches when they are played!

Plant of the month: June


Acacia uncifolia, previously Acacia retinodes


 (Photo: E. Cousins, Cape Jervis; foliage, flower cluster.)

This acacia is a good one for attracting birds, butterflies and other insects to your garden. You can’t see this in the photos above, but the trunk of this upright tree is rough, and dark brown in colour. What you can see though are the long thin leaves, with a central vein. These leaves can be up to 20cm long, though the ones on this Cape Jervis specimen were much shorter. They are a green to grey-green colour, and contrast well with the creamy yellow flower clusters. The flowers form balls which then form in clusters along a common stalk.  Like the leaves, the following seed pods can also be long… up to 14cm! The tree produces a gum, which Indigenous peoples softened in water, then ate for relief from chest pain.


Weed of the month: June


(Lavandula species)

(Photos: E. Cousins; 3 small plants along a walking trail, leaf and flower of French Lavender)

Hardy lavenders are plentiful in our gardens, particularly the English and French varieties. They may have self-seeded in your garden, which is great, but they also self-seed in bushland, with seeds carried on boots, or by wind, etc… not so great! The first photo above shows three healthy seedlings on the edge of a walking trail, over about 1 metre of path.

Easily identified by their aromatic smell and purple flowers these bushy shrubs grow to about knee high, with a dense habit. The leaves of the French Lavender shown are narrow with many lobes on both sides of the centre rib. Another weedy variety, Topped Lavender, has smooth-edged leaves; their flower spikes are topped with some very obvious purple ‘flags’ at the top. Lovely in gardens, with many uses … we just need to make sure that’s where they stay.