Plant of the Month – January 2016


(Acacia paradoxa)


Prickly, prickly, prickly! You’ll know if you walk near one of these on a bushwalk, or try to push through, because the thorny little spines on the stems will grab at you!! These grow at the base of the phyllodes (or false leaves). But these thorns also mean the shrub provides great protection for little birds such as wrens and finches, and other creatures hiding from prey. A bushy, spreading shrub up to 3 m high and wide, it is native to large parts of SA, where it often occurs in thickets. It makes great, almost impassable hedges, and in fact is sometimes known as the ‘hedge wattle’. Resistant to salt spray as well as livestock, it does well on the peninsula. The phyllodes are dark green, quite crinkly, and hairy when new. Small balls of richly coloured yellow flowers appear in winter-spring, making up somewhat for its inhospitability to walkers!

Weed of the Month – January 2016


(Carduus tenuiflorus)


(Photos: E. Cousins; a patch at Cape Jervis, flower head.)

This weed has been appearing on the foreshores at Cape Jervis over spring-early summer. As you can see from the photos, the plant stems sit upright, with the flower heads held high. The flowers are small (2-3cm), purple, and are around from September to December. They always occur at the end of a flowering stem, not along its length. Note the spiny bracts at the lower outside edge of these flowers. Later the flower produces two types of seeds: inner (about 85% of the seeds) and outer. These all have plumes for spreading by wind. Leaves are a dull green on top, paler underneath and hairy there. There’s a rosette of leaves at the base, but other leaves along the stems as well, forming ‘wings’. There can be multiple stems, ribbed and a bit hairy; these might be seen still standing long after the plant dies off in summer.

Carolyn’s Corner – December 2015

There’s a new interpretive sign at Cape Jervis, at the start of the Heysen Trail…a celebration and explanation of the on-ground works we have been doing over 3 years of planting and weeding. If you are walking this way, read the sign, look at the plants or sit at the recently installed picnic table. Planting on this exposed “lower loop” has been a challenge. If you have spare water at the end of your walk, look for tree guards/stakes with pegs and give them some water (gently please!). We are trying to water a few times during the summer, but it’s not easy, so every little bit helps. So many of our coastal plants are slow growing and take a few years to get established. We have re-introduced 70 different local species on site, so if you feel like a longer walk, check out the plantings along Flinders Drive (main road) as well.


Big thanks to our volunteers, many of whom live in Adelaide Adelaide, the Natural Resources AMLR (aka your NRM levy) and to Yankalilla Council for providing the picnic table, plants, and cutting the paths.

Next get together, 5 & 6 Dec 2015. Training & great cakes provided.

We welcome new volunteers.  Contact Carolyn Schultz 0448 909 881.

Plant of the Month – December 2015


(Allocasuarina verticillata)

(Photos: C. Schultz, habit, cones, foliage; Cape Jervis)

These trees can grow 4-10m tall, on a variety of soils including the limestone coastal soils around Cape Jervis. The branches droop with needle-like foliage, and no true leaves…sounds great in the wind! The seeds from its cones are the favorite food of the Glossy Black Cockatoo; you’ll see the ‘chewings’ from these under the trees on Kangaroo Island. You won’t see the cockatoos at Cape Jervis yet; they haven’t been seen on the mainland for years. However, extensive she-oak plantings started around the Cape with Greening Australia about 17 years ago, as part of the Glossy Black Cockatoo Recovery Program. Several other groups have contributed, including COOTs, Cape Jervis & Delamere Progress Association and CJCCG. More drooping she-oaks will be going in, winter of 2016! Come along then, plant some, and be part of the recovery program.

Weed of the Month – December 2015


(Zantedeschia aethiopica)


(Photos: E. Cousins; flower; a patch at Deep Creek Conservation Park.)

You don’t see many of this weed at Cape Jervis, because it likes more moisture than Cape Jervis provides. It is a pest though, in many conservation parks and creek beds nearby. It stands out with its glossy, dark green foliage and large white flowers. The flowers are funnel-shaped, with a side split, and held high on long, hollow stems. The bright yellow flower spike (spadix) in the funnel centre is part male, part female. This matures into a seed head. The weed is spread by these seeds, and also by disturbance of the rhizomes under the ground. Leaves are large and heart-shaped. Although often grown as a garden plant, it can be toxic to animals and humans; fatalities in both have been recorded [1]


Activating Windows 7/10 – Overview of activators for Windows 10

We’ll talk about how you can activate windows 7 for free . The question concerns not only a pirated copy of the operating system, but also a licensed one, for example if the license key has been lost. Let’s look at how you can activate windows 7 without loss of functionality. To make activation it is possible in two ways: to find on the Internet a license key or to download the activator. The most reliable way is to download the activator for windows 7.

At once I will tell why the usual activator is more reliable than the key found on the Internet. Suppose you find a working key, but most likely it will not work for a long time, the first time you update the system or connect to a microsoft server, your key will be invalidated. Therefore, the activator is preferable.

The first way – activator windows 7 KMSauto Portable

If you do not know why the activation of Windows 7 has disappeared and how to activate windows 7 again, you should download KMS activator first. This activator can easily activate any product based on windows. And it does not matter what kind of system it is, whether it’s windows 7, Windows 8.1 or brand new windows 10. So it turns out that if you have the most common operating system in the world, Windows 7 is maximum, then you can not worry, this activator will help you solve the problem once and for all.

The activator has all the required functions. For example, in addition to the activation of a task scheduler, thanks to which you can manage the processes of autorun system. It is also possible to set the reactivation after the time period you specified. This function will be necessary for those who very often fly activation windows 7.

After disabling the antivirus, download the program archive to your computer.
Open the rar archive. He asks to enter the password, type 1111. Then run the activator.
If the activation of Windows 7 goes to the first, then the program is not recommended to change the predefined parameters.

Click “Activate windows” to start the procedure. After a few seconds, you will have activated windows 7.

The second way is the activator of Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition

Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition is an activator created exclusively for Windows 7. It will easily be able to activate any version and build of Windows 7. The program is very convenient and is the absolute leader among the automatic activators of windows 7. Installation is almost instant. In the activator the following principle works: the system element responsible for activating windows 7 is masked or completely removed. Thus it turns out that the “knocker”, which informed the Microsoft center that you have an unlicensed copy of Windows 7, will not prevent us from continuing. This ensures that there will be no causeless activation.

Windows 7 Loader Extreme Edition activates not only the EOM method but also the SLIC. The activation mode, the program most suitable for your system, will determine independently. Then there will be an automatic treatment of windows followed by a reboot. Most people have such an activator in automatic mode because this is the fastest and most convenient mode, but there are those who need manual settings. Such a function is present here. If you wish, you can manually set all the activation parameters. For most users, it is recommended not to interfere with the standard settings.

The third way is the activator of Windows 7 Loader by Daz

This is no less popular way to activate windows 7. Note that for systems of any bit depths x64 and x32 – the architecture of the operating system does not matter. You can easily activate windows 7 and do not have to go into the details in detail. Here everything is automated. Loader by Daz works on the principle of OEM activation, like many similar activators, which in turn ensures reliable activation of windows 7 for a long time.

But if you decide to upgrade your windows 7 to a new windows 10, then most likely no activator will survive and you will probably need to download the activator for windows 10. Although there were cases that after the upgrade to the tenth windows activation was still performed. In questions regarding the activation of Windows 7, this program is unmatched. While other activators cannot do their job, Loader Daz will cope. Therefore, if at first, it did not work to activate windows 7 with one activator, try others. In the end, you will be able to find the most suitable activator for your operating system.

Ideal for activation windows 7 maximum including build 7600, build 7601, windows 7 home. It can also activate other assemblies of the operating system.

The next activator is also worthy of special attention. Meet the latest Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 – super kms activator for all systems. Such an activator is ideal for windows 7. Although you should not assume that this is only an activator of windows 7 . Not at all, it is also the activator of windows 10 and everything else. A very thoughtful program, all in one.

As for the main thing, here we will use Microsoft Toolkit 2.6 as the activator of Windows 7. After all, this is one of its main tasks. Do not be surprised if you seem that you have already seen it somewhere. Because most likely you really have already seen this interface. It uses time-tested technology from the activator windows 7 kmsauto. Actually, the interface, too. So, as the activator of windows 7 maximum this program is quite suitable. After all, there are both activation methods here, both kms and oem. So with such an activator windows 7 will never have problems and your activation windows 7 maximum will be installed in the proper order.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why is it that suddenly the activation of windows 7 flies? In fact, everything is very simple. The first factor, due to which windows 7 activation may fail, is that your key has not been authenticated. Often this happens after connecting to Microsoft servers. Sometimes this happens without the knowledge of the owner of the computer. The next factor, due to which activation can be canceled, is annoying updates. With each new update the system of protecting windows from unauthorized activation is toughened. As a result, you will have to reinstall the activator.

If you want to activate windows 7 in the future did not fly, then after the installation of the activator windows 7, follow a series of simple rules. Disable unnecessary automatic updates of your windows. This is done in the control panel in the Update Management Center section. It’s the system updates that can delete the activation of windows 7. But if you decide to upgrade to windows 10, then in any case you will need to download the activator for windows 10. It happens that the activation flies off suddenly, check if you have disabled the system updates and then perform the activation again.

Of course, this is not all coexisting activators of windows 7. Here are presented only the best examples of programs. If you needed any other activator for windows 7, you can see them in the windows 7 activators section. By activating such methods, you will not get a genuine operating system in any case. Even so, it will easily pass any technical checks for authenticity, including on the official website of the manufacturer.

As for the bothersome inscription that your windows is not genuine and you can not change the screensaver on the desktop, it’s because of unfulfilled activation. If you correctly set the activation, then the next time you start the computer, these restrictions will be removed.

What happens if Windows 7 is not activated in time. Later, after the system detects that activation is not performed, you are given a thirty-day time limit for fixing the error. If you do not correct the error in time, after 30 days you will not be able to log in without a genuine license key. Which will complicate the task? Therefore, activation should be performed immediately, without waiting for the expiration of the thirty-day period.