Plant of the Month-Feb 2018


(Acrotriche patula)

(Photos: E. Cousins, growth habit, close up of leaves and berries)

This bush is one stiff little cookie! You wouldn’t want to fall into it because the branches are rigid and the hard little leaves all end in really sharp points. At Cape Jervis it grows as a rounded shrub, rarely more than knee-high. The leaves are about twice as long as they are broad, at about 16mm long and 8mm wide. It is quite an eye-catching shrub, though: the shiny upper sides of the leaves make the bush look a bit sparkly, and with that built-in rigidity, it never looks wilted even in the harsh summer conditions of Cape Jervis. In Spring, the shiny groundberries make their appearance after the pale greenish flowers. The berries are bright red and fleshy, each encasing a hard brown seed.  Maybe a pretty pincushion for your garden???

Weed of the Month -Feb 2018


(Chamaesyce or Euphorbia drummondii)

(Photos: E. Cousins; growth habit, close up of leaf, tap root)

We featured this weed 2 years ago, but thought we would revisit it given a friend’s experience in December. After hand weeding it, her hands were left swollen and burned by an allergic reaction to the sap exuding from the stems. The plant is a short-lived perennial herb with a deep taproot. Smooth, thin red stems, up to 20cm long, fan out from the centre and hug the ground. The oval-shaped leaves are blue-green with a reddish-purple blotch. They grow in pairs with very short stalks, opposite each other along the stems. The inconspicuous flower heads grow in small groups that are composed of one female and several male flowers. Seeds can germinate at any time, with the biggest flush in spring; then the plants grow quickly over summer. So if weeding it out now, wear gloves, and definitely keep your hands away from your eyes!


Plant of the Month -Jan 2018



(Sporobolus virginicus)

(Photos : E. Cousins, growth habit, foliage; at Cape Jervis)

This is a very low-growing tussocky grass at Cape Jervis. It is seldom over shin high; often it is only a few centimetres tall. It can spread over the ground the same way a strawberry does, by producing runners: a new horizontal branch grows from the base of the plant, then a new plant roots from the tip of that new branch. Each plant has many branches or stems, and each of these has many stiff green blades placed alternately (and almost flatly) along the branch. The blades are about 25mm long. There are also numerous non-hairy nodes along a branch. You will find this growing along the foreshore at Cape Jervis, since it likes the saline environment of a coast or sand dunes. So on your next coastal walk, look for a fairly prickly little fellow growing close to the ground, a bit like a miniature fir tree growing as a ground cover!


Weed of the Month -Jan 2018


(Sporobolus africanus)

(Photos : C. Schultz, growth habit and flower spikes,  at Cape Jervis)

A perennial grass of the tussock variety, this weed originated in sub-Saharan Africa. It is quite invasive in our climate, spreading via small brown seeds. Unlike the Sporobolus virginicus (saltwater couch), this plant is erect and up to 60cm tall, with fairly thin but stiff stems. Leaves are also slender, stiff and not hairy. These leaves tend to grow about 18cm long from the base of the plant, and the sides roll in a bit. It is the flower heads that give the plant its common name though. These are spikes, grey-green against the dark green of the leaves. 35mm long and 7mm wide, densely packed with lots of teensy individual branches around the stem… you can understand why they are called rat’s tails!

TS Intermediate Results 2018 1st & 2nd Year at

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) has successfully conducted the Intermediate examinations for all the aspirants in the month of March 2018. A large number of candidates have applied and appeared for the Intermediate 1st year and 2nd-year examinations. The candidates who have appeared for the examination are now seeking for the TS Inter Results. The candidates can check out their results from the official website or from the direct link provided below soon after the official declaration.

TS Inter 1st Year/ 2nd Year Results 2018 at

Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education (TSBIE) is the official Board of education in Telangana which was set up in the state in the year 2014 after the bifurcation. The board takes the responsibility to administer and handle the entire system of intermediate education in the State of Telangana. The board is also responsible to execute and administer different educational activities such as planning of courses of study, recommending syllabus and conducting different examinations. Every year, the board conducts Intermediate examinations for the 1st year and 2nd-year candidates. Likewise every year, this year also, the board has conducted the Intermediate regular examinations for all the candidates in the state of Telangana.

TS Inter Exam Results 2018 with Marks

The Telangana board has successfully conducted the Intermediate Inter 1st Year & 2nd Year Regular examination Results 2018 in the month of March. All the candidates who have appeared for the examination are now eagerly waiting for the Telangana TS Inter 1st & 2nd Year Results 2018. The examination for the candidates will be in different subjects such as Part-I English, Part-II Second Language and Part-III Group subjects for 500 marks in the 1st year.

The total marks for the first year is 470 for HEG group while for the MPC group, the total marks will be 470 marks. The percentage of pass marks that is calculated by the board for each paper is 35 marks. The branch in which the candidates are positioned will be decided by the board based on their passing marks of the candidate in all the papers both in the 1st year and in the 2nd year of Intermediate.

Telangana TS Intermediate Results 2018 by Name Wise

The Telangana board has made an official announcement that it will be declaring the result soon this month. The candidates who are enthusiastically waiting for the results can check out the official website or from the direct link provided below soon after the official declaration.

Name of the Organization: Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education TSBIE

Name of the Examination: Inter 1st & 2nd Year

Date of the Examination: March 2018

Category: Results

Declaration Date of Results: Will be Updated Soon here

How to Check Telangana TS Intermediate Results 2018 at

Here are the simple steps that help the aspiring candidates check out their Telangana TS Intermediate Results 2018 from the official website:

Step 1: First of all, visit the official website of Telangana @ or You can also click on the direct link provided below so that you will be directly navigated to the official results page.

Step 2: The homepage of the official website will be displayed on the screen.

Step 3: You can then click on the link that says ‘Telangana TS Inter 1st & 2nd Year Results 2018’ displayed on the home page.

Step 4: You will be then redirected to a new webpage where you need to enter your essential details that include your name, roll number and Date of Birth in the provided fields.

Step 5: Then, click on the submit button.

Step 6: The Telangana TS Inter 1st & 2nd Year Results 2018 will be displayed on the screen.

Step 7: You can then check the result displayed on your device.

Step 8: Download or rake a printout of the result for further reference.

We will update the official link for checking your results from the link provided below.

Stay tuned for latest updates and information regarding the Telangana TS Inter 1st & 2nd Year Results 2018, pass percentage analysis and much more.

Google Maps Driving Directions on iOS Devices

Google Maps delivers exemplary guidelines with lots of hidden functions. Not only are you able to receive driving instructions, but you will get walking and public transport instructions. It is possible to discover evaluations and Zagat advice for restaurants, also you’re able to locate the altitude you’d want to scale and also path you’d want to pedal so as to bike out there.

This tutorial assumes you are working with the desktop version of Google Maps. You are able to get instructions from your cell phone, however the port is a bit more different. The theories will be exactly the same, therefore this tutorial might continue to be of good use.

To begin, head to and click Search Google Maps onto the top righthand corner. You then need to click the grim instructions emblem to get guidelines.

You can also Establish your default place. That is an optional phase on your preferences to place the spot you are likely to want driving instructions from. In the majority of cases that is certainly your home or your workplace. Should you click the connection and also place up your default location, which saves you a measure very next time you begin driving guidelines. That is because Google will automatically insert your default location to a starting position.

When you have generated Google Maps driving directions, you are going to visit a location to put in your own starting and destination. When you’ve put a default location, this may function as starting place. Do not be worried if you’d like to begin with elsewhere. You may just disable it and type at an alternative origination point.

Google Maps enables you to place multiple locations. Click the plus symbol to bring several destinations. You’ll go awry, which means that your source will likely stay described as a along with also your other things will probably follow along. That is well suited for scenic highway trips or even falling deliveries off.

It’s possible to secure easy reverse guidelines by clicking the arrows between your destination and origin locations. It’ll switch their standing and also provide you guidelines in the alternative sequence.

That you never need to understand the specific address of your destination. In this screenshot, I have keyed in “Voodoo Doughnuts” and “Hotlips Pizza south-east” If those are not accurate enough locations, I will be requested to describe alternative.

Automatically, Google Maps presumes you would like driving guidelines. But, that is not the only option. If you’d like walking guidelines, public transportation instructions, or bike instructions, then you will have them by pressing on the proper button.

Perhaps not every decision can be found in most single area, however generally in the majority of major cities, you could travel by some of these techniques. Public transportation instructions also incorporate the train or bus coming period in addition to the crucial moves.