Did you check Google Nexus 5 on Play store for sale?

Will you be amazed after knowing that Google Nexus 5 was displayed on play store as official news? It was ready for the sale at the price tag of $349. Will you believe? It seems the listing was because of some error because Google has not yet announced any kind of device named Nexus 5. But still it was appeared online for a while. 16 GB device was appeared online with the price tag of $349.

Are we near to see the launch of Google Nexus 5?

Google LG Nexus 5 in Play StoreLast year 8 GB model of Nexus 4 was launched on 29th October with the price tag of $299. Even this year it was to be launched with the same price tag but different. Best Camera Under 50000 Suddenly price was became more because of the launched LTE enabled Nexus 4. You can see the image of Google Play Store featuring Google Nexus 5 made by LG in the row for sale.

It was seen on Google Play store early today. Now we are confirmed that Google is near to launch their new device in nexus series. Even those who can’t pay $349 for a new device; they can buy Nexus 4 enabled with LTE in just $299 after some time. This is the best opportunity given by Google.

Even amazon has also started selling accessories for Google Nexus 5 which will be shipped 30th October onwards. You can search on for Google Nexus 5 case. This was all about the new device by Google. Stay tuned with us and keep sharing the news on facebook.