Carolyn’s Corner – May 2015

Bringing back the Glossies: when will the plan become a reality? Hopefully in the next few years! Glossy black cockatoos are fussy buggers. They only eat the seed pods of the drooping she-oak, Allocasaurina verticillata. We had a visit in April from two researchers, Karleah and Mike, from the KI Glossy Black-Cockatoo Recovery Program. They were impressed with the extensive she-oak plantings around the Cape that started with Greening Australia ≈ 17 years ago. Other groups have contributed including COOTs, Cape Jervis & Delamere Progress Association and CJCCG. Keep your eyes and ears open; for the distinctive “chewings” at the base of trees, and their noisy, creaky, wheezy calls ( Will you be the first person at the Cape to spot one?

Photos R Tipper. Glossy black facts – Natural Resources South Australia

Next get together – Tree Planting, Jun 5 & 6 2015. Training & cake provided.

We welcome new volunteers.  Contact Carolyn Schultz 0423 213 481.