Weed of the Month – June 2015


(Diplotaxis tenuifolia)

(Photos: E. Cousins; Cape Jervis)

We recently found this declared weed on a hillside at Cape Jervis, while we were looking for Lemon Beauty Heads. Lincoln Weed is an erect plant with dark green leaves and yellow flowers. The flowers have four short rounded petals (about 1cm in length); they occur in small clusters at the end of the flower stems. The dark green leaves occur on the lower stems. They are shaped like a lance, with lower leaves often having several lobes. If you crush the leaves, you might recognize the aroma…the plant is a member of the mustard family. Though versions of rocket are used in salads aplenty these days, this one has been reported as being toxic to stock. It reproduces both from seed and by branching from its long taproot, which needs to be removed if you are hand weeding.