Carolyn’s Corner – April 2016

Carolyn’s Corner – April 2016 

Local seed is best – or is it? An accepted dogma is that seed sourced locally is best for revegetation. But what is local? 10 km along the coast from Cape Jervis is very different from 10 km inland. A researcher from Adelaide University, Prof Andy Lowe, and his team have suggested that using 10-20% of seed sourced from hotter and drier areas could produce habitats with greater resilience in the face of increasingly variable weather patterns/climate change. Their reasoning is that this will promote biodiversity and prevent the “fixation” of adaptations to past environments. To read more, see the Oct 2015 edition of ReLeaf magazine (

Plants in the Cape Jervis area are often smaller and more drought tolerant than their Adelaide Hills counter parts, so perhaps sourcing seed from a coastal region further afield may be good for species such as the “critically endangered” Hibbertia pallidiflora. These two plants were photographed at Lands End Jan 23 (left) and were doing it really tough. February rains brought an amazing recovery for these two plants (23rd Feb), but will they be so lucky during the next drought?   


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