Review Insider – The Various Types of the Electric Paper Shredder

If you are concerned about the security of your personal information you might want to use an electric paper shredder to help ensure your information stays secure. The electric shredders are widely used in most offices and are now being used in the home as well.

With the recycling of paper items, it makes finding people’s personal records in their trash an easier job to do. Pieces of valuable information such as bank statements and credit information can fall into the wrong hands if not properly disposed of. A paper shredder helps dispose of the information in a neat and orderly way.

Best Paper Shredder

The electric shredders generally come in two standard designs, the cross-cut shredder or the strip shredder. Most people are familiar with the standard paper strip shredder that cuts the piece of paper or document into neat uniform thin strips.

The cross-cut shredder cuts the paper more diagonally because it uses two rollers, which are more advantageous to having the information destroyed more completely.

There are also a few lesser used designs of shredders such as the hammermill, the pierce and tear, the particle-cut and the disintegrator. All the shredders use a specific method to destroy the piece of paper that is being run through them.

The type of shredder you choose to use depends on the level of destruction you want for your documents. You can also find heavy duty shredders that will shred other items besides paper such as DVDs and CDs. The Fellowes Intellished PS 79Ci is one such heavy duty device.

It will shred your papers using the cross-cut method as well as destroy your CDs and DVDs. It has an easy to access pull out bin and is proven to be jam free. The Best Graphics Cards For Gaming

You can also find a budget electric paper shredder if you only need to shred papers for your personal use. The Staples 8 sheet cross-cut shredder retails for about $40, but can be prone to having paper jams. The Aurora AS 420C cross-cut shredder retails for about $30.

It has a one gallon bin and is designed to sit on a desktop. This type of small shredder is convenient to have for people that have a home office area or a computer area. It gives you easy access to shredding you mail and other documents without needing to set it up all the time.

Using an electric paper shredder is one way that people can take precautions against identity theft. Often, they do not realize how much of their personal information is on the pieces of mail they receive every day.

Generally, these pieces of mail or pieces of paper just get tossed into the recycle bin for paper products without being destroyed in any way. Any passer-by on the sidewalk could easily reach into your paper bin and remove your information.

A shredder makes the information less readable to anyone that might happen to obtain it. It is an electronic device that is soon to be a standard in most households.